On governance – the need for a “Faversham Conversation”

A review of governance was one of the three key priorities of Faversham Town Council’s Business Plan for 2014/15. However, the change that has happened under the Business Plan appears to have been largely, if not entirely, administrative (see the progress report in Annex A of the 2015/16 Business Plan)

This is not of itself a bad thing. Administrative changes that produce operational efficiencies can be helpful. But my concern is this:

– administration is not the same as governance.

Faversham certainly needs strong administration but it needs even stronger leadership. More than that, it needs informed leadership: a Town Council that is advised not only by the administration but also by the electorate.  Continue reading On governance – the need for a “Faversham Conversation”

Why I’m standing for Faversham Town Council

I care greatly about Faversham and believe I have something to offer the Town Council.

As an architect and urban planner, I have skills and experience that I think would benefit the creation of plans for Faversham’s future. I have been involved in projects such as Faversham 2020 and I have contributed to the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan.

I lead a campaign against the painting of Yellow Lines in Faversham’s historic and very beautiful town centre – this has opened my eyes to the strength and depth of passion to keep the town looking attractive to residents and visitors alike. Continue reading Why I’m standing for Faversham Town Council

Faversham resident & campaigner. Architect & Urban Planner.