Priorities for Faversham: from the centre to the edges

Whatever you think of the 2015/16 Business Plan’s three priorities (Magna Carta, the Creek, the Guildhall) the fact is that, geographically, these projects cover a limited part of Faversham’s overall footprint as a town: two of the three (Magna Carta and the Guildhall) are town centre projects; all three fall within Abbey Ward, with the Creek also affecting Davington Ward.

Of course there is a reasonable argument that the town centre should be prioritised because it is the most important part of the town, with its social and economic “centrality”. You might say, “All roads lead to the town centre” – and many do. Or, “This is where the shops are” – and most are. 

But not every road and every shop.

To be truly representative, the Business Plan should encompass Faversham’s geographical entirety.

To do so, priorities should be identified outside the town centre: in St Ann’s Ward and Watling Ward, as well as elsewhere in Davington and Abbey Wards.

So what should the priorities be in each of the different wards? 

I’m interested to hear what you think they are, and not only in St Ann’s Ward, where I’m standing for election but also throughout the whole of the town. 

Please send me a message to let me know your ideas. I’ll list your suggestions on this website: letting you have your say and letting you see what other people think. 

Let’s start the Faversham Conversation I suggested in my previous post and, in doing so, shape a Business Plan that extends from the centre to the edges of Faversham.


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