Why I’m standing for Faversham Town Council

I care greatly about Faversham and believe I have something to offer the Town Council.

As an architect and urban planner, I have skills and experience that I think would benefit the creation of plans for Faversham’s future. I have been involved in projects such as Faversham 2020 and I have contributed to the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan.

I lead a campaign against the painting of Yellow Lines in Faversham’s historic and very beautiful town centre – this has opened my eyes to the strength and depth of passion to keep the town looking attractive to residents and visitors alike.

As the father of two children brought up in the town, I have first hand knowledge about the issues facing younger people.

As the husband of an urban planner who works for Swale Borough council, I appreciate that the challenges facing Faversham – especially housing – are complex.

As an activist, keen to see the Westbrook stream flow strong and clear through the heart of St Ann’s Ward, I appreciate the strength in numbers that comes when people gather around a popular and worthy cause.

As someone who runs a business, and has had to take difficult decisions to keep it afloat during the recession, I know the importance of a leadership built on openness and trust.

And it is such an approach, built on openness and trust that I would take if elected to the Town Council; identifying the common ground that can reinvigorate local politics in Faversham around projects that will make the place more resilient, more efficient and even better looking.


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