How should Faversham think strategically about its future?

Draft in progress…

First of all, ask the question:

“What is the problem that needs solving?”

What are Faversham’s needs? Schools? Healthcare? Affordable housing? Establish a list of requirements. Be prepared to negotiate. The spirit of civic engagement.

Follow a set of design principles that history suggests deliver positive outcomes…

If not here then where else?

If here then what else is on or near the site that can benefit from the new development eg the sports hall of a local school or a nearby shop or business that can see better trade to help support the local economy?

What is missing in the local neighbourhood that could be provided by the new development eg educational, healthcare or employment uses?

Principle: explot adjacencies and inter-dependencies…

How can new road connections and road junctions benefit the existing situation eg by providing additional cross-town routes to add capacity to the existing infrastructure. 

Analysis: most streets in towns are through streets, not cul de sacs. As a result, most streets have a combination of a) movement heading to or from them as well as b) movement passing through. For most streets in towns, this blend is normal. Problems occur when some residential streets have to carry too large a burden of through movement while others carry too little. The through streets can feel hostile, especially when the design of the street allows vehicles to speed eg South Road. In contrast, through streets increase the overall accessibility of developments, which can benefit house prices and reduce property crime. 

Principle: most new streets should be designed as through streets. Through movement should be controlled at low speeds so that it does not speed through areas.  

How can new development be designed to reduce the need to drive eg good walking and cycling paths, including pedestrian crossings at the edges of the development so that people can walk and cycle into the town centre and into other residential areas of the town?

Principle: the connected grid…

How can the streets and open spaces of the development be designed to support biodiversity eg to create an attractive and convivial environment where people choose to walk and cycle rather than to drive?

Principle: 20mph streets…

Land use
How can uses be mixed so that we don’t just get houses?

Principle: mixed use development…


2 thoughts on “How should Faversham think strategically about its future?”

  1. Whilst I totally agree with you in principal, the TC’s approach to the Creek Neighbourhood Plan demonstrated that as a body they are not capable of this sort of thinking. Therefore it requires an independent group which could include all available local expertise, such as yours, to develop the equivalent of a true ‘Neighbourhood Plan’. Obviously the opportunity for a real one has been wasted on the sham Creek NP, which was a useful exercise in demonstrating what not to do. Therefore, it would be necessary to set up a Faversham Planning Group, that would provide the TC and SBC with the properly evidenced and reasoned plan that would be difficult to ignore, because it would have already consulted and reflected the wishes of the local population. It might be worth talking to the Faversham Society, given their interest and contacts, provided they have sorted out their own difficulties; they were and still are, after all, a Civic Society.


  2. I think a option always overlooked
    In faversham is nova former garden centre great site with potential to maybe a small business park similar to Canterbury with TK Max matalan. And dare I say a drive through MC Donald’s / KFC
    Would be able to provide for a wider age group very popular to younger people and also won’t stifle the core retail area of the town centre with unwanted food outlets
    Andy Culham

    Hope this helps Tim great survey


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