A Planning Committee for Faversham Town Council

In public contributions at this evening’s Faversham Town Council meeting, Gulliver Immink suggested the Council forms a Planning Committee to better inform itself on development applications across the town before they come to the Council for decision. At present the Council considers complex applications one by one, in short order and without the opportunity to digest the multitude of issues they raise, not least the way that one application impacts on others and on the existing town. A Planning Committee would help to prepare the ground for Council meetings, analysing applications alongside each other so that a picture of Faversham could be formed in the round.

In response, Councillor Simmons said that he didn’t think such a committee would save anyone any time in making a decision. But surely this isn’t just about saving time – it’s about getting it right.

And perhaps a Planning Committee might indeed save time. Time spent at the early stages of the planning process can pay dividends through more effective public consultation, a stronger influence on planning proposals and, as a result, a better long term outcome for the town.


3 thoughts on “A Planning Committee for Faversham Town Council”

  1. Strongly agree that planning applications should be considered in context with each other and the existing town, Tim.


  2. I agree, and it’s not just about planning applications, it’s about having some kind of overview on wider planning policy issues. Just looking at the documents for the inspection hearings on the Swale local plan – one of the first challenges from the Inspector on the overall approach to development: “Is the restraint to growth at Faversham justified by robust evidence?”. Most of those who will be represented at the hearings are developers, who will no doubt be arguing “no”. There is no representation from the Town Council – other, smaller, parish councils responded to the last consultation but ours did not, and thus, as a town, we do not have a voice and must rely on Swale planners to make the case on our behalf. Or not. A well-managed, competent planning committee could have put Faversham in a stronger position.


  3. As Faversham town council has no more power than any other Parish Council,it should look at a planning sub committee , neighbouring Parishs have gone that way and it saves time at council meetings . David Simmons should know this


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