Housing and transport – the need for  a connected approach

At this week’s Faversham Town Council meeting, I believe Cllr Shiel Campbell was right to raise the debate about housing to the south of the A2. Cllr Ted Wilcox was right to call for an overall traffic plan.

Faversham’s transport and housing needs must be considered simultaneously, as the central elements of a Faversham Plan.

Here are my notes on how the Faversham Plan can be co-created by those who have been elected, by the electorate that put them in office and by a wide range of advisors that can support the process.

Connected issues.

Connected streets, parks and public places.

Connected thinking.


One thought on “Housing and transport – the need for  a connected approach”

  1. I’m so very sorry you didn’t get a seat on the Town Council, Tim! I hope you will keep blogging, keep making sense for Faversham!

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