My approach to your priorities

I care deeply about Faversham and believe the Town Council can do more.

If elected, I will seek out solutions for Faversham that work well, last long and look good in this unique, historic and forward-thinking town.

Above all, I will listen to and act upon local concerns, ideas and aspirations.

I will work to give St Ann’s and Faversham a voice:

– at borough and county levels, where decisions are taken that directly us

– on the national and international stage, where the town is held in great affection.

I believe people should look before they leap. My approach is therefore:

– first, to listen to your concerns

– second, to discuss these concerns with others and form plans to address them

– third, to take action to make change happen

– and finally, to speak up at every opportunity for the people and the place of Faversham.

From what I have heard so far I believe there are three key priorities in Faversham:

1. Security

– security on our streets and in our parks

– security of housing

– security of employment

– security for businesses and retail traders

– security of access to schooling

– security of access to local healthcare.

2. Efficiency
– efficiency of the local services, such as the Swimming Pool and the Library, that are here to support the lives of people living in and visiting Faversham

– greater levels of volunteering

– better coordination between different services.

3. Appearances
Faversham is a beautiful place. It benefits from a rich history and from the passion of its local people. Ultimately safe places that work well need to look good. It’s the icing on the cake. First impressions matter and, for a town with a strong visitor base, we need the place to look good.

Help me improve Faversham: to be safer, to work more effectively & to look better.

Please vote for me in the Faversham Town Council elections on May 7th.

Let me know what you think…

Download the campaign leaflet



One thought on “My approach to your priorities”

  1. Tim, which ward are you standing in? I hope the Independant candidates are not all in one ward…. Secondly, with the burglary inflicted on TSB Cambria recently, do you have concern for security Creekside? And what is your position on the Neighbourhood Plan?


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