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Westbrook Bridge Crossing

I have offered to help Cllr Antony Hook investigate ways of improving the crossing of West Street at the Westbrook Bridge. He is responding to a number of approaches from people concerned that crossing at this point is unsafe for pedestrians.

Here are some first thoughts, starting with some observations I have made of how people are currently crossing. I then set out a number of design options, with comments on their pros and cons. Continue reading Westbrook Bridge Crossing


Coverage for Faversham’s Westbrook Stream in the Sunday Telegraph

I was delighted to be the poster boy for the Friends of the Westbrook and Stonebridge Pond in a recent Sunday Telegraph article:Tim-Stonor-Fiona-Hanson-large

The full article is here and the Friends of the Westbrook and Stonebridge Pond website is here.

The article claims the group doesn’t yet have a catchy acronym – but can you spot one…there’s a sting in every tail!