Faversham’s “Pedestrian Zone” is in fact a car parking free-for-all

This is Faversham’s Pedestrian Zone. Filled with cars. Since Faversham Town Council painted #YellowLines around the historic Guildhall, parking officers – by their own admission – no longer consider the PZ valid & won’t ticket anyone parking there.

This is a scandal & the Council should apologise. Until @favershamtc takes a comprehensive look at town centre parking it is doing more damage than good. I predict someone will suggest yellow lines are the answer. No: planters, bollards, benches, gates & a #TransportPlan are!


One thought on “Faversham’s “Pedestrian Zone” is in fact a car parking free-for-all”

  1. Big expensive cars by the look of them; what you would expect from those who do not care; frequent fining would help to shift them. But you are right; the TC and SBC should sort it quickly. However, SBC seems more focussed on an illegal War Memorial development, or am I wrong…


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