Why wait to listen to the public voice?

A protracted discussion took place at this evening’s Town Council Meeting about whether, as proposed by Cllr Ogden-Starkel, the Council should create an online questionnaire to engage with the public.

Cllr Cosgrove suggested returning to the subject next year and spending the time between now and then in setting up “processes”.

What many Councillors don’t seem to appreciate is that discussion forums – like this one – are already in place.

The Town Council is behind the curve.

In the end it was agreed to create a Steering Group. I hope, as does Cllr Campbell, who has made a number of excellent interventions this evening, that they get on and do something soon.


3 thoughts on “Why wait to listen to the public voice?”

  1. Again I agree with Tim.
    There seems to be a predisposition amongst some in the council either to do nothing or to take action with which the majority of people do not concur.


  2. Mike Cosgrove will faff around for the forseeable future – with him in control it could take years! He works for Swale, NOT Faversham! We need a council who work for us, not personal self interest!


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