The answer to Faversham’s housing needs: a “Local Place Partnership”?

The think tank ResPublica has today published a report on the creation of local plans to tackle the housing crisis:

The report, title “Devo Home” recommends the creation of “Local Place Partnerships”, dedicated to housebuilding and place-making.

Other recommendations include: 

– Citizens should be able to instigate Local Place Partnerships and take control of housebuilding and development in their areas. 

– the Homes and Community Agency should transfer surplus public sector land directly to Local Place Partnerships to ensure swift release and efficient use

– the use of local government pension funds to invest in new homes and development.

– where appropriate, the creation of cross-development plans that can take a ‘larger than local’ approach to development.

– introduce the use of Local Development Orders to capture the uplift in the value of land and offset the cost of affordable housing and infrastructure projects.

– trailblazing the use of new technology and methods to engage communities and give them real power over the shape and direction of their areas.

Does any of this sound like a Faversham Plan created through a Faversham Conversation? I think it has many echoes that reflect a common need among communities to reshape the way that local planning in done – to move it off the back foot and to play a few strokes again. 

If it’s working for the England cricket team, then why mightn’t it work for Faversham?


3 thoughts on “The answer to Faversham’s housing needs: a “Local Place Partnership”?”

  1. Thanks Tim, There is another idea now bubbling up which will complement all the various initiatives and possibly will help a mass debate rather than a number of individuals making comment. I will share with you ASAP. All the best G

    Gulliver Immink

    10, Flint House Church Road Faversham Kent ME13 8AW M: 07764 614120 T: 01795 591081



  2. I couldn’t agree more, Tim! My fantasy about an Independent Town Council was, within the town conversation, engage on the matter of whether the town needs more housing. I think we do, because some local young people will want to live here. If there were agreement, the next question is, where? And how much? At the end, a plan for Faversham with town buy-in, to hold up to Swale as a pattern for their planning decisions to conform to.

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